Amos Lassen writes: "I have heard the book of Leviticus in the Hebrew Bible referred to as both irrelevant and confusing by many people. It does confuse and it really does not add much to the narrative of the children of Israel. It is certainly not what I would call an interesting read. However, I wonder if the reason that it is so disliked and alienating is that it is so completely misunderstood and almost every word must be weighed to get its full meaning.

Rabbi Maurice Harris, a Reconstructionist rabbi takes another look at the book and it springs to life under his guidance. He looks at the laws, the rituals and the stories contained in Leviticus to see what we can learn from it and attempts to find a higher meaning than the one we have dealt with for so. He evaluates the book with serious thought but he does take it word for word. Rather he writes a commentary that makes us want to take yet another look at the writing.

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